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Carter-Kelly, Inc. is dedicated to a safe work environment from our corporate office to our field offices to our physical job sites. Safety is a priority at all levels of the organization, beginning with Jim Carter all the way down line to our site personnel. Safety is a mindset for all and is approached across the board of responsibility. The duties to ensure safety for all clients, sub-contractors and other CKI employees start and end with every CKI employee. We are all equally responsible for making sure that our jobsites are safe and well run.

Knowing we all share the responsibility for safe work environment. CKI leverages the power of a safety Committee to ensure all aspects of our work performance are considered. Our company safety Officer works closely with all personnel on the committee. The CKI safety Committee is comprised of representation from the following: Safety Officer, Officer Manager, Concrete Foreman, Framing Foreman, Journeyman Carpenter and Journeyman Cement Mason. The committee members serve a one year term on the safety Committee. The committee goals are to establish company policies, resolve current safety issues and concerns, investigate accidents and disseminate best practices in safety throughout the company.

Our safety program was re-developed in 2006 as was our company’s dedication to ensuring the utmost in safe work conditions for every employee. Our motto is to ensure that each and every employee is able to get in their vehicle at the end of each day and go home to see their family and friends!


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